Governing Baseledger

Baseledger, the L2 blockchain for baselining, is governed by the Baseledger Governance Council which is formed by recognized companies from the Enterprise Blockchain space. The Baseledger Governance Council is set to grow constantly with an ever-broader set of parties to be included. A written contract signed by all council members guarantees their consent on the overall rules and conditions — ensuring they work for the long-term benefit of the Baseledger Ecosystem.

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How to become a council member

Application Process

  • 01


    Get things done in the Enterprise Blockchain space

  • 02


    Apply to the council for running a validator node.

  • 03


    Apply to become a council member.

  • 04


    Sign the contract to the council membership.

  • 05


    Participate in meetings and decisions.

Governing a leading enterprise-grade DLT solution

What we do

The tasks for the council members governing Baseledger include assessing, negotiating and voting on the governance rules, running nodes, appointing other parties to run nodes and representing the Baseledger network. The council members work on adjusting the overall rules and conditions of the network if necessary, work jointly on the core-software (along with the public source community), manage network pricing, drive customer onboarding, and work on a flexible path to ensure regulatory compliance.

UBT Token Model

Application of the underlying token model of the Unibright Token (UBT) for staking, proxy-staking, reward and revenue payments and usage fees


Overseeing Number and distribution of validator nodes, working jointly on the core-software with the community



Advise on promotional decisions concerning the operation of the Baseledger Network and help driving customer onboarding


The decision on allocation, use, and distribution of grants for commercial entities, universities and individuals improving and enhancing the Baseledger ecosystem.

Companies engaging in the Baseledger Governance Council

Council Members

Official Statements and Announcements

Latest News

Development update March

Development update on fee strucuture, staking metrics and last steps towards the mainnet release.

Development update February

Updates on development progress and validators.

Development update January

The new Baseledger testnet "Plateau" has been developed and published. It represents the candidate for the launch of Baseledger Mainnet.